#11 Showdown at Widow Creek

A Cattle-Rustlin' Tussle!

Wally Welch's Rodeo has arrived in Bayport, and Frank and Joe are excited to see the trick roping, bronco busting, and staged cowboy showdowns. But the brothers meet trouble when they catch several ranch hands trying to steal the Welches' prize hourse, Hondo. The boys not only stop theft, but they're recruited to help drive the cattle back to the rodeo's dude ranch on horseback.

It turns out to be one wild ride! Joe is thrown from his horse after someone cuts the straps on his saddle, and then both boys narrowly dodge an oncoming cattle stampede. Finally, a group of bandits on dirt bikes surrounds the herd ... and takes Hondo!

Who are these masked outlaws? And can the Hardys lasso the crooks before sundown?


Cover Art: Kevin Keele

Cover Design: Karin Paprocki

Author: Michael Anthony Steele

First Copyright: February, 2016

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