Author Topic: Characterizations: Which series did you like in terms of characetrizations?  (Read 191 times)

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So, had been rereading HB books, largely casefiles. Which series do you like in terms of the boys' characetrizations?

I hate UB, specifically because of Frank's characterization being so ...odd. Frank has always been more intense, smart and probably introverted, but I've never read him an awkward. But I really like Joe in UB, I loved his sense of humour, and while he was still impulsive, it was toned down from the casefiles.

I loved the casefiles, maybe because they were the first books I picked up of Hardy boys, and immediately I loved Frank in it. I loved his characterization in it, he was this super smart boy genius, maybe a bit introverted and intense, but a genuinely sweet and friendly guy. But I used to find Joe so damn irritating in this. He was foolhardy, and got into trouble often unnecessarily, way too sensitive, and I hated how he was made this dumb jock. Even with the Iola background, it was irritating. I would have been more fond of UB Joe in this, I love that guy.

Mysteries, obviously, the characterizations were more toned down, and more children friendly, I guess. But then one big issues I had was, the boys lacked specific characterizations. They were both too goody goody and way too similar. Definitely, the least favorite.

Haven't read the adventures series, so no comment on them? Anyone read the new "The big lie" series of graphic novels? How are these?

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I liked the Casefiles, but not how Joe was written. I'd say the writers got Frank right, but not in the UB. Joe was much better in the UB then he was in the Casefiles, then Frank was in the UB series.

The Adventures series I feel is about the same as the UB was.

The Big Lie series is awesome, can't wait for the next issue at the end of April.
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For The Hardy Boys' characterization- the original series hands down. (Not necessarily original text; I've read some of those too though. But I'd probably prefer the revised text since I read those first.) [And when I say "original series", I incorporate the Digests there as well.] The Casefiles are generally good too. Beyond that- I can't say I care much for the take in Undercover Brothers or Adventures or the recent comics. (The first graphic novel series was pretty good though- that was about the only good thing to come out of the UB universe, as far as I'm concerned.)
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