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2014 Book Club signup
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:26:06 AM »
Well, since tomswift2002 got things rolling for this year's first Book Club review, I guess I'll get things rolling for this year's Book Club signups.
I think I can safely say at least a few of us on here are fond of doing this, but I'm sure we all would agree that it's great to have everyone participating. (Well, everyone who wants to, of course.)
     So if you want to sign up to do a review for a month this year, post what book you want to do for which month. Tomswift2002 has already taken on January's book, so there are 11 months left.
Here's a reminder of what's been covered already in the last few years that we've been doing this on the forums:

The Following Books Have already been done:


March - The Tower Treasure (Grosset & Dunlap)
April - Thick As Thieves (Casefiles)
May- tomswift2002, Clues Brothers #3 First Day, Worst Day

June-SDLagent, The Hardy Boys #2 The House on the Cliff

July- tomswift2002, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys SuperMystery'88, Murder On The Fourth of July

August- SDLagent, The Hardy Boys #10 What Happened at Midnight

September- hardygirl847, Secret Files, Trouble at the Arcade

October- MacGyver, Casefiles, Dead of Night #80

November-hardygirl847, Digest, Trapped at Sea #75

December- MacGyver- The Hardy Boys (Originals) #8 "The Mystery of Cabin Island"


January- Olivia, The Borderline Case (#25 Casefile)

February- Hardygirl847-Hardy Boys Digests # 96-Wipeout

March- AlwaysaJoeFan-Hardy Boys Casefiles ?The Genius Thieves

April- tomswift2002 The Hardy Boys #94 Breakdown In Axeblade

May- SDLagent, Hardy Boys Originals, The Melted Coins

June- MacGyver The Hardy Boys #115 Sabotage at Sports City

July- AlwaysaJoeFan-Hardy Boys Casefile: Beyond the Law.

August- MacGyver The Hardy Boys Casefiles #14 Too Many Traitors

September- SDLagent, Hardy Boys Originals, The Secret of the Old Mill #3

October- Olivia-The Secret Warning (#17 Original, revised)

November- Hardygirl847- Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew SuperMystery-Tour of Danger

December- tomswift2002 - Hardy Boys #147 Trial and Terror


January - Katie Dead on Arrival (Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery '88 #23)
February - AlwaysAJoefan Danger Zone (Hardy Boys Casefiles #37)
March - MacGyver Extreme Danger (Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers, #1)
April - tomswift2002 Final Gambit (Hardy Boys Casefiles #62)
May -  Dinosaur Dan High Survival (Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery '88)
June - Top Ten ways to die(Hardy boys undercover Brother, #8
July - Olivia The Shore Road Mystery (Grosset & Dunlap)
August - P. Walker - (Casefiles #2 Evil Inc.)
September - Katie - Operation Phoenix #1 Endangered Species
October - MacGyver - Operation Phoenix #2 No Mercy
November - Katie - Operation Phoenix #3 The Phoenix Equation 
December - tomswift2002 Time Bomb,  A Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller


January- Hardy Sleuth Speed Times Five (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #173)
February- MacGyver The Shattered Helmet (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #52)
March- MacGyver The Hardy Boys Handbook: Seven Stories of Survival (British title: The Hardy Boys Survival Handbook)
April-tomswift2002 Flesh And Blood (Casefiles #39)
May- Dinosaur Dan Danger Unlimited (Casefiles #79)
June- Dinosaur Dan High Stakes (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mystery #29)
July- tomswift2002 The Shore Road Mystery (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #6)
August- Dinosaur Dan Hot Wheels (Casefiles #91)
September- tomswift2002 Stress Point (Casefiles #125)
October- MacGyver Trick-or-Trouble (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #175)
November- Hardy Sleuth Hopping Mad (The Hardy Boys: Secret Files #4)
December- Hardy Sleuth One False Step (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #189)


January- tomswift2002 See No Evil (Casefiles #8)

All right- sign up away! :) 8)
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