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Hardy Boys Adventures
« on: February 06, 2013, 12:53:44 AM »
Look at me writing a topic thread after a LONG, LONG time! lol The new series has me super excited about the Hardy Boys. However, has failed me. The new series came out today and I DO NOT HAVE MY BOOKS! I had an awful day yesterday and I really needed the pick-me-up. Oh well, I will just wait. There are few things I'm questioning already but I better read more than just a little excerpt  before giving a honest review. I did see that the third book, The Vanishing Game, is due out in June. Remember the Casefiles? Yeah, me too...Why did those ever have to stop?? :( Also, does anyone know if they plan on making more graphic novels?
I'm not on here as much or I just come on for a few moments. So I trying to keep up with posts. Sorry for being MIA. I've been off on a mission with Frank and Joe! :)

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Re: Hardy Boys Adventures
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2013, 04:39:46 PM »
Whoa! Look who just flew in from the coast. (or whatever- lol). Hey- great to see you on here, Hardygirl847!
Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. Hope things are looking better for you soon. :)
     Yes- Hardy Boys Adventures are now on the shelves!!! I picked up the first two books in the series (as well as the first two in Nancy Drew Diaries series too.) I've only seen them in paperback so far but I'd like to find the hardback versions too- I'll probably just have to order them online. Read both of the first books for HBA before coming down too hard on them- I have questions on things too, but I know that the storyline in the first is followed up in the second and both together will make more sense.
       As to the graphic novels- I get the feeling those are just done. (Well, I know for a fact that Papercutz has stopped the ones they were doing and doesn't have plans for any more right now, from what I understand.) However, you never know- if the Adventures series really starts hopping (and Papercutz still has the rights), Papercutz might pick the graphic novels back up with the new Adventures universe.
   And yeah- I think we all still mourn the end of the Casefiles series- and though I do love those too- I was a fan of The Hardy Boys since before those were around- I started with the original series (some of which were even original text!) and I still love those too. And through all the changes of various series and spinoffs- I still love The Hardy Boys and I don't think that will ever change. :) 8)
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