Author Topic: July 2012 Book Club Discussion: The Shore Road Mystery (#6 Original, revised)  (Read 1911 times)

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And for a good price- that's usually the issue for me. I can find some good copies of original text versions of The Hardy Boys books (and other books, for that matter)- but I also have set price limits in my mind and I just refuse to pay some of the really expensive prices some books can go for- I've got to keep a careful budget... and besides, I can usually find the books I'm looking for somewhere for a much cheaper price- it just takes a lot of patience. But that's all part of the fun of looking.

Yep, I agree, needs to be a good price. We like to go to library used book sales where there are not only books from the library but also people donating books so you never know what you might find and they have great prices like fifty cents for a hardcover. 8) Now that's a deal! ;D A much better bargain than the book that Frank and Joe were searching for in The Twisted Claw and found for about $1500! :o (They didn't buy that book, btw. ;)).
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