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Title: #75 Trapped At Sea
Post by: CalvinKnox on February 07, 2018, 01:14:14 PM
I was a bit bored of all the snow and reread this book.  I feel like it had an interesting premise, but not executed properly.  The Hardys are investigating truck hijackings that lead them to some island nations in Central America were terrorists are building enough nuclear bombs to destroy every major city in the world.  This is a bigger goal than even the Assassins ever had, and these guys seem much less organized.  Essentially, a hotel clerk, trucker, and corrupt police officer are planning on taking over the entire world.  The amount a funds it would have taken to obtain so many WMD also seems to be far from the amount you could expect from hijacking a couple dozen truckloads of color TVs.  Because of this, I found the book to be somewhat ridicules.