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Title: Favorite Hardy girl
Post by: goldie3 on April 27, 2017, 02:29:21 AM
So, who's your favorite girlfriend of the Hardy's? I chose Callie, because I really enjoy her and Frank's relationship. I really like Iola too, and somehow in the digests, I enjoyed that Callie and Iola were friends with each other, irrespective of the Hardys. Don't like Vanessa much, and I have read quite a few of the books which had her in it. I don't know she didn't seem to share the same kind of bond with the gang, that Callie or Iola shared. Plus, she doesn't share much of a bond with Frank either, which I don't like. I mean, Callie and Joe fight, because I guess, they both are vying for Frank's attention in a way, but they seemed to care about each other a lot. They in fact, seemed like any brother-sister duo.

Granted, Vanessa moved to Bayport later, and Frank and Joe are fundamentally different, so yeah, it makes sense why Vanessa is like that. doesn't mean I have to like it ;D
Title: Re: Favorite Hardy girl
Post by: Hardy Sleuth on April 27, 2017, 04:03:32 PM
Hi goldie3! :) Both Callie and Iola are smart and nice, definitely would be one of them, but not sure which one I like best. :) Callie is a great match for Frank and Iola is a great match for Joe. 8) I like that they help with some of the cases. 8)
I voted for Iola. :)