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Title: Hardy Boys Movie Possibility
Post by: nhfs on June 04, 2014, 02:47:58 PM
Hello all,
My name is Colin Hughes and I'm a film maker. Right now my pals and I are exploring the idea of a modernized version of the Hardy Boys second case, The House on The Cliff. We have started on a script and while everyone works on this stuff for free, we would need to kickstart it with $1,000-$2,000. We aren't asking for money now, or even saying that this is going to happen but, what we would like to know is if the community would get behind this. (And if so, what kickstarter rewards would you like to see?) That's all we're asking now, please drop a comment or email us at if you're feeling private.

Colin Hughes
NightHawk Film Studios
Title: Re: Hardy Boys Movie Possibility
Post by: MacGyver on June 06, 2014, 10:57:05 PM
That could be a really cool idea, though I think I'd prefer to see a Hardy Boys movie set in the 1959 when the revised version of the book was published. I assume this would strictly be a fan film effort? Or do you intend to seek to obtain the rights from Simon & Schuster?......In any case, I hope it goes well for you. If you do wind up producing this, keep the board updated please- I'm sure Hardy Boys fans here would be interested to hear about it. :) 8)
Title: Re: Hardy Boys Movie Possibility
Post by: nhfs on June 07, 2014, 01:38:00 AM
Thanks MacGyver,
We too are a huge fan of the 1950's vibe and that was openly discussed but ultimately we decided that it would be significantly cheeper (by like $50,000) to do it in a modernized world. This also allows us a bit of wiggle room in exactly how the story plays out as we have limited shooting locations to pick from and will need to shoot, cg, and edit this by the end of July. As for the rights, we start to run into slippery territory. To get the rights we have to go to the publishing house, we would have to get non permanent rights for the sake of money, which basically means we would be able to produce this but 50% of total profits would go to them AND they could sell permanent rights at anytime to a group that could REVOKE our rights. But on the flip side, not getting rights opens us up to law-suits and we just lovvvvvvve law suits. It's a pain in the rear-end either way so we will be in contact with Simon & Schuster and keep the forum updated. We will basically vote on weather or not we do this project by next Friday, and if it is green lit, we'll make a Facebook page that people will be able to fallow, and what not. We will keep the forum in the loop regardless, we love seeing replies so keep em coming and having a community behind us in pre-production (really pre-pre-production) is beyond invigorating and may help to get the project that beloved green light!

Until next time,
Colin Hughes
NightHawk Studios
Title: Re: Hardy Boys Movie Possibility
Post by: MacGyver on June 07, 2014, 04:54:34 PM
Okay- I figured modernizing it would of course be a lot cheaper and I know you need to keep things as cheap as possible while still producing as high quality as possible. It's always a tricky balance, but it can be done. Sounds like you all have thought it all out pretty well. Hope it goes well for you. :) 8)