Chartwell Academy


Location: Kirkland, , United States


Chartwell Academy was founded by George Howe Chartwell in the city of Kirkland. It is one of the most competitive schools in the country for gifted students and is home to about 500 students.

Book List

CF9 - The Genius Thieves


Dwight Trilby goes to this school.
CF9, Page:6

A school for gifted students.
CF9, Page:9

One of the most competitive schools in the country.
CF9, Page:11

All the buildings are made of brick or stone.
CF9, Page:14

The founder of the school is George Howe Chartwell.
CF9, Page:16

The campus is the home to 500 students.
CF9, Page:16

One of the dorm buildings is called Mansfield Hall.
CF9, Page:19

Upperclassmen are allowed limited travel during lunch.
CF9, Page:21

There is a system of tunnels that connect all the buildings on campus.
CF9, Page:21

A marble-and-glass arts center, a science laboratory, indoor tennis courts, and a student lounge are all buildings on campus.
CF9, Page:22

Van Cott Hall is the name of a girl's dorm.
CF9, Page:63

Modems are not allowed on the campus.
CF9, Page:103