Bayport Bank and Trust


Location: Bayport, , United States


This bank, built in 1907, is located on Main Street in Bayport. It was originally called Community Savings and Loan.

Book List

CF9 - The Genius Thieves


This bank is located on Main Street in Bayport
CF9, Page:4

The bank was built in 1907 as Community Savings and Loan.
CF9, Page:5

Although completely renovated inside, the outside facade and huge marble cornerstone remain to this day.
CF9, Page:5

The main room of the bank if marble-tiled, with a high, vaulted ceiling.
CF9, Page:5

The bank's vault is located at the end of a long carpeted hallway in the basement. The basement ceiling is 12 feet high.
CF9, Page:5

Malcolm Rogers is a board member.
CF9, Page:51