Joe Hardy


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: M

Eyes: blue

Hair: blond

Age: 17


Joe Hardy has an athletic build like a running back which translates into slightly more muscular, broader, and huskier than his older brother Frank.

He is a Junior at Bayport High School and weighs 185 pounds. He is often impulsive and always ready to act, sometimes too fast.

He always carries his passport with him.
Joe playes football, baseball, and runs track. He always dreamed of being a Major League baseball player as a kid. Joes specialty in track is the 100-yard dash.

At Frank's insistence, he has taken a few karate lessons.

He likes to drink Coke as opposed to Pepsi.
Joe has taken lifesaving training.

He is a sprinter as apposed to a long-distance runner.

Joe had a 1958 station wagon with wood paneling stolen by the Lazarus Clinic. He bought a 1955 Buick Roadmaster not long after the station wagon was stolen.

He eats pizza with green peppers, onions, pepperoni, and extra cheese.

Joe was 2 years old when his dad retired from the NYPD and decided to become a private investigator.

He was a boy scout until he got too busy.


He was a boy scout until he got too busy.
CF8, Page:134

He has blue eyes.
CF14, Page:1

Joe knows a little Spanish. Frank does not.
CF14, Page:102

Joe is solidly built and six feet tall, but still looks fragile next to Biff Hooper. Joes plays running back on the school football team.
CF15, Page:3

Joe owns a bike.
CF15, Page:16

Joe is an expert marksman, but has promised his father that he would never carry a firearm.
CF15, Page:22

Joe has taken Martial Arts training because Frank pushed him to do it.
CF15, Page:101

Joe is the fastest running back in Bayport High history.
CF15, Page:101

Joe plays basketball for Bayport High School. The year before the events of Casefile #15, he had helped his high school win the district championships by making a free throw in the closing seconds of double-overtime. This was after a game in which he had also scored his career high.
CF15, Page:108

Joe is stockier than Frank.
CF16, Page:2

Swimming comes naturally to Joe.
CF17, Page:60

Aunt Gertrude calls him Joseph when she is being stern in defending herself in this one occasion.
CF18, Page:17

Joe attracts girls the way magnets attract iron filings.
CF20, Page:1

Joe is built more like a football player than Frank.
CF21, Page:2

Joe and Frank go trout fishing in Maine.
CF21, Page:2

Joe is always fascinated by cars, especially expensive ones.
CF22, Page:5

Joe appears to like Chinese food.
CF23, Page:150

Joe has taken Karate lessons.
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