Philip Walker


Location: , , United States


Gender: M


Hair: dark with silver



A United States Senator and one-time hopeful for being a Presidential Candidate. The local Bayport Congressman gave a speech in support of Walker according to Casefile #1. Fenton Hardy was head of security for his campaign and Iola Morton was helping him campaign in the Bayport area. He has long dark hair with just a trace of silver in it which is is all brushed straight back. He has a square chin with a deep cleft. He could be described as the perfect Hollywood picture of a United States Senator. He was still a Senator at the time of Casefile #4, The Lazarus Plot. It is not known how much time passed between Casefile #1 and Casefile #4 and it is not known if He ever became an official candidate or not; thus its not known if he could have lost a Presidential election or one had not even occurred yet.

Book List

CF1 - Dead on Target
CF4 - The Lazarus Plot