Mr. Pizza "Tony's Pizza"


Location: Bayport, , United States


A pizza parlor located in the Bayport Mall. Tony Prito is the manager of this 'prime hangout.' The cost of a huge slice of Pizza with the works is the same as a thin salami and cheese sandwhich from the Human Canonball's wife at the Nicholson Brothers Circus.


Mr. Pizza is the Hardy's home away from home according to Frank.
CF15, Page:6

CF16, Page:81

Annie Shea started working at Mr. Pizza not too long before the events of Casefile #20.
CF20, Page:1

Mr. Pizza is located in the Bayport Mall and is always busy.
CF20, Page:4

Mr. Pizza doesn't open until 11:45.
CF20, Page:24

Frank and Joe have a favorite booth at Mr. Pizza.
CF27, Page:24

Mr. Pizza's back exit that leads down a flight of stairs to the indoor parking garage of the Bayport Mall.
CF27, Page:31