Farber University


Location: , WA, United States


A university located in the state of Washington.

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CF23 - Disaster For Hire


A university located in the state of Washington.
CF23, Page:6

A large wrought-iron archway goes over the entrance to the campus. You can hear a university bell tower ring on each hour while on campus. Most of the buildings are older ivy-covered tall brick buildings, with the exception of the new modern biotech building. The President's residence is located on the edge of the university campus.
CF23, Page:31

The president's residence is a two-story, white brick mansion. The front lawn was large and well-kept. Behind the house stretched woodlands while a four-car garage sat next to the house.
CF23, Page:31

A white gravel driveway runs up to the president's residence.
CF23, Page:32