Annie Shea


Location: , ,


Gender: F

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Coppery

Age: 19


Worked at Mr. Pizza and lived in the worst section of Bayport.

Book List

CF20 - Witness To Murder
CF28 - Countdown To Terror


Works at Mr. Pizza.
CF20, Page:1

Annie is tall, has a stunning and great figure, has dazzling hazel eyes, and coppery hair that billows about her shoulders.
CF20, Page:2

She had a house in the worst section of Bayport.
CF20, Page:19

According to Annie, she met Phil Sidler in High School.
CF20, Page:70

Annie says she learned Karate in junior high and that she was a brown belt by the age of 15.
CF20, Page:76

Annie was supposedly the second great love of Joe's life.
CF28, Page:16