Frank Hardy


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: M

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: dark brown

Age: 18


Frank Hardy has a lean muscular build like a wide receiver and is a Senior at Bayport High School and is often quiet and thoughtful. He is often calmer and more methodical than his younger brother Joe.

He always carries his passport with him.

His hair is wavy.

He prefers Pepsi to drink over Coke.

He takes karate lessons from Kim Sung.

He is a PC computer buff. He likes his computer the way some people like their pets.

He is a long-distance runner.

He eats pizza with green peppers, onions, pepperoni, and extra cheese.

Frank was 3 years old when his dad retired from the NYPD and decided to become a private investigator.

He knows a little bit of the Russion language, but can't speak it very well.

He was a boy scout until he got too busy.


Frank Hardy likes his computer the way some people like their pets.
CF8, Page:28

He was a boy scout until he got too busy.
CF8, Page:134

He and Callie Shaw can communicate by blinking their eyes.
CF10, Page:15

Frank has a brown belt in karate. The dojo of which he is a part, has two Chinese charactes as its logo.
CF12, Page:1

Frank has brown eyes.
CF12, Page:3

Frank has a subscription to the magazine Advanced Computer Abstracts.
CF12, Page:38

Frank is slim, 1 year older, and an inch taller than his younger brothers
CF14, Page:1

Frank does not know Spanish, but his brother Joe does know some.
CF14, Page:102

Frank listens to Rolling Stones music.
CF14, Page:120

Frank has dark brown hair.
CF15, Page:6

Frank owns a bike.
CF15, Page:16

Frank is an expert marksman, but has promised his father that he would never carry a firearm.
CF15, Page:22

Frank is leaner than Joe.
CF16, Page:2

Frank causes girls to turn and stare, but he has a steady girlfriend and is not interested in anyone else.
CF20, Page:1

Frank thinks so fast and so logically that most people can't keep up with him.
CF20, Page:22

Frank is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.
CF21, Page:2

Frank and Joe go trout fishing in Maine.
CF21, Page:2

Frank is able to hack into a Bayport City Hall computer using codes from a hacker friend.
CF22, Page:21

Frank has a female friend who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
CF22, Page:21

Frank is an expert motorcycle rider.
CF24, Page:26

Even though Frank has used karate kicks, he apparently has not taken any karate lessons.
UB4, Page:124